Ayman Idais Academy Summer Camp 2017

Summer Basketball @ Ayman Idais Academy
النادي الصيفي في أكاديمية أيمن دعيس

Ayman Idais Academy - أكاديمية أيمن دعيس
Address: Mashhrek Schools
Mobile Number: ☎0797400444

تعلن أكاديمية الكابتن أيمن دعيس عن افتتاح التسجيل بدورتها الجديدة والتي ستقام حسب التالي

بادر التسجيل في اكاديمية ايمن دعيس لتدريب كرة السلة
ايام التدريب كل سبت واربعاء من الساعة 5:30 الى 7:30
في مدارس المشرق ـ دابوق
للاستفسار يرجى الاتصال على الرقم التالي

Ayman Idais Sharing his experience in Basketball , don't miss the opportunity of joining his Academy . Our main objective is to create a lifetime basketball program for all age groups through building a solid foundation for youth and adult to continuously produce high quality players capable of competing and winning. Moreover, through this program we will be able to support and enhance the game of basketball at the national level. Over all, the objective AIA is to create a unique environment for all basketball lovers at all levels. Further more, the game of basketball in Jordan has lost its loyal fans and supporters, one of the main goals for AIA is to bring back the fans for the love of the game. More important, AIA will have the sense of corporate social responsibility towards the game of basketball and sports at large in our Jordanian society through partnering with internationally recognized organizations & corporates to spread sport and basketball in disadvantaged & rural areas across the Kingdom of Jordan.

ayman idais academy