Go Green - Tempo Summer Camp 2017

Tempo's Summer Camp 2017 | Go Green
النادي الصيفي في تيمبو دانس

Tempo Dance Center
Address: 5th circle - next to whispers restaurant
Duration: 2/7/2017 - 24/8/2017
Phone Number: ☎ 065938939
Mobile Number: ☎0796155547

This summer send your kids to a one of a kind summer camp.
GO GREEN kids summer camp
Where your Kids will learn how to make many neat things out of recycled items and learn how to save the planet the same time!
In addition to many FUN activities like dancing, games, planting, cooking and OUTDOOR TRIPS like swimming, adventure, horseback riding and many more...
So campers get ready to have FUN, Dance, and prepare your OLD CASSETTE TAPES, clothes, empty plastic bottles and old magazines as We are gonna RECYCLE, REUSE AND REDUCE!!!
The campers will also learn about the importance of eating better and choosing a better lifestyle
the camp will includes
Indoor Activities:
- Recycling session
- Go Green/ Environmental educational sessions
- Planting
- Flower arrangement
- Science experimenting
- Cooking
- Puzzle competition
- Bingo competition
Classes for:
- Dancing
- Gymnastic
- Morning Exercises
- Drama
Trips to:
- The Zoo
- Recylcing Factory
- Swimming at Amman waves
- Humane center for animal welfare
- Hours back riding
- Gravity Amman
- Galaxy park
- Jingos Jungle
- Joy Town
- Paint ball
* Suitable hours for working parents
* Reasonable prices and great value for money
* Experienced, qualified staff
* Transportation available
Limited number of students
Book your spot by calling Tempo on:
0796155547 | 065938939
summer camp at Tempo Dance Center