Modern Montessori School summer camp 2017

IBDP Summer Academy @ Modern Montessori School
النادي الصيفي في مدارس المنتسوري

Modern Montessori School - مدارس المنتسوري
Address: Khalda
Duration: 9/7/2017 - 17/8/2017
Age: Grades 10 + 11
Phone Number: ☎ 065535190

In line with the MMS mission to uplift student knowledge and skills, Modern Montessori School is pleased to announce the launch of its IBDP Summer Academy, with the objective of providing students with essential preparation in specific subjects for their upcoming years of grades 10 and 11 (Pre-DP preparation).
The academy will run for five weeks starting from 9th of July till August 17th, 2017; Sunday through Thursday.
Subjects that are being offered are:
Arabic (Literature, Acquisition), English (Literature, Acquisition), Physics and Math.
Priority of registration will be open for MMS Students until June 1st, 2017, then opened to other students interested to enroll.
Classes will be provided at the MMS campus. Please abide by the deadlines listed above. Strict attendance and the MMS Code of Conduct will be applied.
mms summer 	camp