2013 New Years Parties in Jordan - حفلات رأس السنة 2013 في الأردن

يرجى الانتباه: ان هذه الصفحة هي لحفلات سنة ماضية في عمان والاردن
اضغط هنا للانتقال لحفلات رأس السنة 31/12/2015

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Below is a list of New Year's Parties in Amman & Jordan that took place on 31/12/2012

Gold & Silver New Year's Eve Party @ G Club
حفلة رأس السنة "جولد & سلفر" في جي كلوب

G Club has prepared a New Year Party that you will never forget. NYE 2012/13 Line up:
#1 DJ Taby / Brazil
#2 DJ B - SHOW / RFX Radio Lebanon Resident
#3 DJ Wael Qumsieh / G Club Resident
#4 DJ Rami Abbassi / G Club Resident
#5 DJ Rakan Warraqi / G Club Resident

Ticket will be sold in two categories:
* SILVER - 35 JD Including 1 Drink, 1 Shot
* GOLD - 45 JD Including 1 Drink, 1 Shot

Rules & Regulations: G Club holds the right to refuse admittance. This Event is for the target audience of age 21+ &
Couples and Mix Groups only. Dress Code: Dress accordingly to the NYE Party ( Dress your best to Impress). Resident Photographer available to all your personal photos and will be delivered to your email if provided. For more info call: 0799070070

G Club new year party
Maya Ne3meh at sky lounge for new years party

Maya Nehme @ Sky Lounge, Millinuim Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع مايا نعمه في سكاي لاونج

Join us for a stars studded night at Sky Lounge, inside the Millinuim Hotel in Amman. Come to say farewell to the old and welcome the New Year. Live entertainment by harbor band from beirut featuring the star Maya Nehme. Featuring Jad Abi Haydar (Classics & Fun) as well as Michel Kfoury (Arabic Hits Live) & DJ Nassar!

Limited seats still available. For more information about Tickets and reservation please call: 0790212121

NYE With the 4CATS @ Millennium Hotel Amman

New Years Eve at the Sky Lounge! Celebrate with Ghassan Rahbani and the 4 Cats along with guest stars Harbor Band, Michel Kfoury, JAD and DJ Nassar.

Tickets: 185++ per person inclusive of entertainment, 5-course set dinner and premium open bar. Call for reservations 0790212121

4 cats at millinuim hotel in amman NEW YEAR PARTY
jungle jungle new year party 2013 at switch 51 in amman

New Years Eve @ Switch 51

Switch "51" Proudly Presents this year's Hottest New Year's party "Jungle Jungle"; A wild place to start your new year.
Tickets are for 80 jd including :
- Four hard drinks.
- Food.
- Party favors and gifts from 2013 hats and glasses.
- Special New Year's Goody bags for everyone.
- 5 hours of non ending entertainment.
- Spectacular screen visuals .
- Super sound and light system that will surly blow ur mind .
- Breath taking fire works show.

Tickets will be available at switch starting December 20th,
e-ticketing at www.karasi.com. For couples and mixed groups only, age group 21+. For table reservation and more info. kindly call: 0795025393, 0775151515

Las Vegas New Year @ SHAMAN
حفلة رأس السنة "لاس فيغاس" في شامان

The New Year of 2013 at the Fabulous Las Vegas Amman
Brought to you by Tempo Dance academy. The new year's eve of 2013 blow out every other dance night you've ever seen…Las Vegas 2013. The most sensational new year's party in Amman at Shaman Restaurant & Lounge in Abdoun!!!

- Shaman lounge ( circus circus ) amazing set up and music awaits you in the main room turning your new year's night in to a magical world full of fantasy and color .
- Shaman sports( Moulin rouge) the True clubbing experience, sexy house, pumping techno beats under waves of light & laser beams never been seen before.
- Shaman Garden ( Casino Royal) every single hit song you loved from the 80's till 2012 from hiphop to reggae ,rock to Arabic….your all time favorite music will be mixed and mashed live before your eyes.

Tickets are for 70 jd's including four drinks and snacks
Tickets can be found starting December 20th at Tempo Dance Academy and Shaman. Ticket price on December 30th will be 80 jd's including four drinks and snacks. For e-ticketing visit www.sajilni.com
For more info and reservations kindly call : 0796155547, 065938939, 0777227888

las vegas new year party 2013

tamer hosny at the royal hotel new year party in amman

Tamer Hosny New Year's @ Le Royal Hotel, Jordan
حفلة رأس السنة مع تامر حسني في فندق الرويال

Famous Egyptian Singer Tamer Hosny for the 2013 New Year Party at "Ishtar Ballroom" in the Le Royal Hotel, Amman. Enjoy the ultimate offerings on New Year's Eve with over fine of Amman's most renowned restaurants, where our Chef has created unforgettable set menus in addition to the variety of entertainment; DJ, Belly Dancer, International Band. Sponsored by Radio Rotana and Fann Fm.

Tickets are four classes; 165JD, 195JD, 235JD, 275JD. Ticket includes a seated dinner, soft drinks, and hot drinks all night. For more information please call: 064603000 or 0799505755, 0777781218

Cyrine Abdel Noor & Joseph Atieh @ InterContinental Hotel, Amman
حفلة رأس السنة مع سيرين عبدالنور وجوزيف عطية

New Year 2013 party with Cyrine Adbel Nour & Joseph Attieh at InterContinental Hotel, Jabal Amman. Tickets Classes are 250JD, 200JD, 150JD. All include a seated dinner.

For more information please call: 0795655575, 0775655575

intercontinental hotel new year party in amman
le meridien 2013 new year party in amman

New Year's Party @ Le Meridien Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع مجد أيوب و مايا نعمه في فندق المريديان

Come celebrate 2013 new Year at the Royal Conversion Center in Le Meridien Hotel, Shmeisani. Live performance by Majd Ayoub & special guest Maya Nehme (from Lebanon) & DJ Hani Sarawi.

Ticket is 70JD (including an open buffet with free Kurage on drinks; reserving tables recommended). Enjoy bringing up your own drinks totally free. Doors open at 9:00pm. For more information or for reservation/VIP service, please call: 0799955667, 0775004500

White 2013 NYE Party @ Cube Lounge

Be a part of White 2013 at Cube Restaurant & Lounge, Jabal Amman. The most exclusive and glamorous New year's party of this year.. Mixing all kinds of music from the 80's, 90's and to the latest tracks of hiphop, dance, house and arabic mixes.

Black lights available around Cube for those who would like to wear white or colors that glow or even face paint. some cool glow in the black light face paint ideas. So be ready to dance the year away.. Dress Code: White, Trendy, Fancy, Fashionable, Flashy, Disco... Ticket Price: JD 65 including Open bar & Food... For more info please call 0799855955

cube 2013 white new year eve party

marriott amman new year party in amman

New Years Eve @ Marriott Hotel, Amman
حفلة رأس السنة في فندق الماريوت، الشميساني

Glow 2013 Party at Champions, inside the Amman Marriott Hotel. For the second year in a row DMA - Dance Mania Academy presents a New Year Party!

Ticket is 65JD per person. Includes a welcome shot, two hard drinks, all around champions delicious food buffet, champagne at 12pm, any drink is for 5JD inclusive, New Year party pack, and Glow in the Dark party pack. Book your ticket now, call: 0777799100

New Year's Eve 2013 @ O Six Gastro Lounge

90's Reloaded NYE Party at O Six Gastro Pub & Lounge, inside the Canyon Boutique Hotel, Jabal Amman. Open Bar & Food. Sponsored by Absolute Vodka & Chivas. Ticket price is 80JD per person.

For more information or for tickets please call: 0799940606

90S RELOADED new years eve party in amman

cafe de paris new year party advertisement poster

New Years Eve @ Cafe de Paris, Jabal Al Weibdeh
حفلة رأس السنة مع كافيه باريس

Join us in this exclusive private New Year's Eve party at Cafe de Paris, with DJ Saif Bisharat. Tickets are 40 JD, Including:
-- All night open bar.
-- All night snacks (Pastry, Chips n Dips)
-- Our special welcome shot to get you started.
-- and alot more.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. No tickets will be sold on the day of the event. Couples and well balanced mixed groups policy apply. Miminimum age 22. Strictly couples. For more info or tickets call: 0795710507, 0795816694, 0795255454, 0775353530

New Years Eve Party @ Prego
حفلة رأس السنة مع الدي جي رجا يا رجا في بريغو

Join us at Prego Restaurant & Bar, inside Granada Hotel, Jabal Amman for the New Year Eve party with DJ Raja Y Raja. Along with an Open Bar & Sea Food Platter.

For tickets and more information please call: 0796533838

prego new year party in amman

Elias Karam at the deadsea for new year eve 2013

Elias Karam NYE Party @ The Dead Sea Spa Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع الياس كرم في فندق البحر الميت

استقبلو العام الجديد بصوت الفنان الاصيل الياس كرم في فندق البحر الميت العلاجي. الحفل يتضمن راقصة شرقية، بوفيه عشاء رأس السنة الفاخر وجوائز قيمة
للحجز والاستفسار الرجاء الاتصال على: 065601554 او 065601544 او 053561000

Holla At The New Year @ Caesar's Lounge
حفلة رأس السنة في سيزرز لاونج

Join Ceasar's Lounge, Paris Circle , Jabal Al Webdeh for the New Year Eve party with a live DJ. Tickets are 25JD for ladies (including two drinks) & 50JD for gents (including an open bar!)
DJ TULLY; All the way from Chicago & MC Tha2er Fa7mawi; The beat box Elephant! Doors open at 9:00pm.

For tickets and more information please call: 0799503337, 0788342342, 0796777423

caesars lounge new year party

royale new year party

New Year's Party @ Le Royal Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع عمر حداد في فندق الرويال

New Year Party with Star OMAR HADDAD & his international rewarded band & DJ Khaled Nemri at Le Royal Hotel, 3rd Circle, Jabal Amman. Along with Fancy dinner (open buffet), Precious gifts in lottery, No cover charge/free service on hard drinks; so enjoy bringing up your own drinks totally free. The most famous and fancy 5 stars hotel just in 65JD. Doors open at 9:00pm. For more information or for reservation/VIP service, please call: 0795363636 or 0799935125

تتشرف لجنة نشاطات جمعية العزم التعاونية ( ديوان ال حداد) بدعوتكم لحضور حفل العشاء الساهر لرأس السنة الميلادية 2013 في فندق الرويال عمان / قاعة جاراسيا. في تمام الساعة 9:00 مساء. يحيي الحفل ابن العشيرة الفنان الاردني عمر حداد وفرقته الموسيقية: ( وليد حداد , ميلاد حداد , رأفت حداد, سائد). مع الديجي خالد النمري. ﻻ يوجد cover charge على المشروب، الخدمة على المشروب مجانية مهما كانت الكمية. سعر التذكرة (65) دينار. للحجز والاستفسار : 0795363636 بشار شاكر حداد

New Year's Eve 2013 Party @ Trader Vics
حفلة رأس السنة في تريدرفكس

For a truly memroable NYE, join Trader Vics, inside the Regency Palace for a festive celebration. An exclusive experience this year with an exotic Five cources menu and extra ordinary entertainment. All set to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

For more information & reservation please call: 065661122

trader vics new year party in amman

FLASHBACK 2013 nye party in amman

Flashback NYE 2013 Party @ IVY

"Flashback", brought to you this New Year's Eve is an event that will rock your world. Join us for a night of excitement and exhilaration as we welcome 2013 with heads spinning in the thrill of this wild night and feet moving to the beats of the *BEST* DJs in town; DJ Godfather & DJ Phat Beat & DJ Arsh

Flashback features two spectacular floors fully equipped and prepared with the perfect sound and lights systems, music that appeals to every taste, a generous supply of drinks and appetizers, and great New Year's Eve party favors and giveaways! We promise a night that won't soon be forgotten.

*Regular tickets are for 55 JDs including a welcome shot + two hard drinks + Appetizers.
*VIP tickets are for 75 JDs including a welcome shot + a bottle for every four VIP ticket holders + appetizers + Partying in the VIP lounge area. For tickets and reservations/more info: please call 0796690667 or 0796675388

New Years Eve @ The Old House Pub

Make Your Self at Home With DJ RAMI End 2012 & Start 2013 at The Old House Pub, 7th Circle.
Cover Charge 10 JD. Couples & Groups Only.
For Reservation 0797540750

the old house oub new year party 2013

hani metwasi new year party in orthodox club in abdoun

New Year's Eve 2013 Party @ orthothox club
حفلة رأس السنة مع هاني متواسي في النادي الارثوذكسي

حفلة رأس السنة مع هاني متواسي في النادي الارثوذكسي عمان الاردن لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال على 065920491

new year eve with hani mitwasi at the Orthothox Club, Abdoun. For more information please call 065920491

New Years Eve @ Dubliners Irish Pub

Bring together your Friends and Celebrate the new year at Dubliners Irish Pub with Dj Ziad and get ready for an evening of music and fun that will have you dancing your way into 2013
Ticket are for 25JD and includes one drink
for more info call 065812848 or 0775000066

Dubliners Irish pub NYE in amman

seven heaven 2013 new year party

New Years Eve @ Seven Heaven

New Year Eve at Seven Heaven, Abdoun. Lets all Celebrate New Years 2013 at Seven Heaven with DJ Zeid Zghool and Much more Entertainment, Best Atmosphere and Decorations...

Ticket is 35JD includes snack food. For more information please call: 0798752000, 0797821000

New Years Eve @ Sheraton Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع زياد صالح وحسين السلمان في فندق الشيراتون

New Year's Eve Party with Ziad Saleh and Hussein Al Salman at the Sheraton Hotel. Featuring DJ George Zarafily. Ticket price is JD 85.00 (inclusive of the dinner buffet & soft drinks).

For more information Call: 0785000057, 0795590280. Sheraton front desk: 065934111

Sheraton 2013 new year party with ziad saleh and hussein al salman

faris al abdallah new year party at clava lounge

New Year's Party @ Clava Lounge, Abdoun
حفلة رأس السنة مع فارس العبدالله في كلافا لاونج

Fares Al Abdallah & A live DJ at Clava Lounge, inside the Orthodox Club, Abdoun.
More information will be added soon.
For more information or for tickets pleaase call: 06592 0491 ext 259 or 0777051111

Project X (NYE Pool Party) @ The Dead Sea

A VIP indoor/outdoor pool party at dead sea, for the first time in Jordan Project X, is here, get ready to move, drop, shake, and get CRUNK. Doors Open at 8:00 pm. AND Will Close once the party is ON. Party Starts at 9:30 pm.

Tickets Price 30JD (Including a Welcome Shot, BBQ Dinner, Free to swim, Sleep over (Limited People). Rules : Couples OR Mixed Groups ONLY, No SINGLE guys allowed, Show up before the party in 30 minutes. Offers: Every mixed Group of 6 People will get one free ticket & also they'll get extra 6 Shots. For more information please call: 0799983622

projectx dead sea new year party

kempinski hotel aqaba new years party

New Year @ Kempinski Hotel, Aqaba
حفلة رأس السنة في فندق كمبنسكي، العقبة

The most exclusive New Year's Eve party in Town. Celebrate 2013 in style and make it a night to remember at our New Year's Eve party while dancing to the hottest DJ beats.

Join us at the Black Pearl on 31 December from 23:00 until 3:00. Inside the Kempinski Hotel, Aqaba. For more information please call Kempinski Aqaba at: 032090888

New Years Eve @ Marriott Dead Sea Spa Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة في فندق الماريوت، البحر الميت

Celebrate New Year Countdown in style at the Jordan Valley Marriott Ballroom and dance the night away in an evening to remember as the music continues through to the New Year! DJ & Dancing and beautiful Belly Dance performance starting at 10:00pm. Don't miss the midnight countdown and balloon drop!!

For more information or for reservation please call the hotel directly at: +962-5-3560400 or +962-6-5607607

marriot new year in jordan dead sea

al haram restaurant new year icon

New Year's Party @ Alharam Restaurant & Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة غير في مطعم وكافيه الهرم

New Year Eve at Al Haram Restaurant, Alhuson Irbid. Featuring the star Joseph Attieh & Haitham Khalaileh, along with DJ Khofo. A Night presented by Fozan Alabdallat. For more information or for ticket inquiry please call: 0795511605

حفل راس السنة مع الفنان جوزيف عطية وهيثم خلاليه في مطعم وكافيه الهرم. 0795511605


New Year's Eve @ Holiday Inn Amman
حفلة رأس السنة في فندق هويلدي إن، عمان

Holiday Invites you to celebrate New Year Eve at The French Quarter Restaurant & Pub, inside the Holiday Inn Hotel.
Celebration from 9:00pm until Dawn.

Ticket is for only 75JD per person. Seated dinner with one selected drink. For more information please call: 065528822, or call Toll Free on: 080022666

holiday inn new years event in amman

movenpick in aqaba 2013 icon

Farewell 2012 & welcome 2013 @ Mövenpick, Tala Bay

New Year's Eve party at Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay, Aqaba. There is no escaping the sumptuous tastes of New Year buffet. Come and enjoy a delicious international buffet and also featuring traditional festive dishes and fabulous decorations. Together with fancy party top hats and the non-stop live entertainment, complete with a DJ, Christmas Choir and a Belly Dancer this will be the perfect start in to the Year 2013.

Let's continue the fun until the morning with a big bash party at the Fun Bop and enjoy the best cocktails in town! For reservations please call on : +962-3-2090300, +962-3-2090301

Gala Dinner @ Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea

Ring in the new year in style by attending the glamorous New Year Dinner Gala, which costs JD 229 (single) or JD359 (double) per room per night (subject to 7% government tax and 10% service charge). Entertainment includes a live DJ, belly dancer, and a live bands.

For more information call: 053491301

movenpick deadsea2013 party

new year celebration at crowne plaza

New Years Eve @ Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Resort & Spa
حفلة رأس السنة في فندق كراون بلازا، البحر الميت

Celebrate New Year with Joy and Cheer at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dead Sea. For JD 285 Per Couple.Including: Rich assortment of canapes and cocktails, signature dishes at Obadas Ballroom Gala Dinner, Latino band & DJ party. Mouthwatering soups and sandwitches after the party. One night stay in a double room to complete the festive experience. Stimulating breakfast.

For more information or for reservation please call the hotel directly at: 065504440

Gala Dinner @ Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, Dead Sea

Three choices at the Kempinski Hotel, Dead Sea for This New Year's Eve!
Obelisk Restaurant. New Year's Eve Buffet with mouthwatering appetizers, exquisite main courses and delicious desserts. From 19:00 to 23:59. Price: JD 45.00++ per person including New Years Eve Welcome Cocktail.
The Main Lobby. Join and enjoy the of exotic culture and the sights and sounds of the Dead Sea with live International Music and Belly Dancers. Special Barbecues, colorful & mystic foods and a large selection of desserts will entice. From 20:30 till early morning. Price is included in Room Rate.
Ashur Restaurant. New Year's Eve Italian Dinner with a journey of tastes with the exceptional New Year's Eve Italian Festive Six Course Set Menu complimented by the sounds of live Jazz. From 19:30 till 23:00. Price: JD 78.00++ per person, including New Years Eve Welcome cocktail.

kempinski dead sea

the living room celebration of 2013 in amman

New Year's Eve @ The Living Room
حفلة رأس السنة في ليفينج رووم

The Living Room New Year's Eve, featuring DJ tunes, special menu, and midnight champagne. Ticket is 50 JD. For more information please call: 064644227 or 064655998

New Year's Eve 2013 @ Romero
حفلة رأس السنة في روميرو

Romero New Year Eve, featuring DJ tunes, a set menu, and midnight champagne. Ticket is 85 JD. For more information please call: 064644227 or 064655998

romero new year party
new year party at books cafe in jabal amman

New Year's Eve @ Books@ Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة في ليفينج رووم

Come ring in the new year at Books@Cafe, Rainbow Street, and ensure a fun and glitzy start to your 2013!! The night will include;
Live Karaoke, A live set by DJ Mission, Prizes by Roberto Dance Academy.

Ticket Price: JOD 40 (including tax). Tickets include 1 complimentary drink and canapes. For more information please contact 064650457

New Year's Eve 2013 @ Amigos
حفلة رأس السنة في اميجو

Let´s count down to 2013 together at Amigos, Jabal Amman. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of the new year that´s gonna rock your world!!!! DJ Ameed will make sure you will dance your panties off to the latest rhythms

Ticket is 10 JD & one glass of champagne. Pick up your tickets at Amigos now!! For more information please call: 064633001

amigoz new year eve party 2013
daysinn hotel new years eve 2013 in amman

New Year's Eve 2013 @ DaysInn Hotel, Amman
حفلة رأس السنة مع يحي صويص في فندق الديز إن

Yahia Sweis with the Lebanese star Nancy & The Iraqi Star Moheb AlShaer. With the amazing DJ Sam & Oriental belly dancer show. With the most delicious buffet.
Ticket price is 65JD per person. For tickets and reservation please call: 0777779991, 0795799983, 065519011

New Year @ Everest Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع يحي صويص في فندق افريست

The Star Yahia Sweis & King of beatbox Johnny Madness & Comedian Mostafa Haridi & the best presenter Ziad Shaheen. Along with DJ Hamoudeh Ereidi -- DJ Pause. Many competitions, surprises, and gifts. New Year Night on top of Everest Hotel, organbized by stable. Tickets start from 50JD upto 95JD (including dinner buffet).
جوائز ومسابقات عديدة .. هدايا قيمة والعديد العديد من المفاجات و بوفيه مفتوح

For more information call: 0799737271, 065714812, 065714811

yahia sweis new year party 2013
seven barrels NYE in amman

New Year's Eve 2013 @ Seven Barrels

NYE at Seven Barrels, inside Hisham Hotel, Jabal Amman! Book your table early for a fun night out, Good music, Good food, Good drinks and an amazing atmosphere! Minimum Charge 25JD per person, ONLY.
If that isn't a deal to grab right now, we really don't know what is. For more informartion please call: 0779777708

New Year @ Le Taycoon Bar, Le Royal Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع طوني قطان في تايكون، فندق الرويال

Celebrate the new year at Tycoon Bar, inside the Royal Hotel. With the Jordanian Star Toni Qattan & DJ Issa Al Naser & a Belly Dancer. Tickets include entrance, dinner, and one round of soft drinks.

For more information call: 064604434, 0777626062, 0795793359

toni qattan at le royal hotel new year party 2013
abu al abed al hakawaty new year party 2013

New Year's Party @ Abou El Abed Al Hakawaty
حفلة رأس السنة مع فادي غسان في ابوالعبد الحكواتي

Fadi Ghassan for NYE at Abou El Abed Al Hakawaty Restaurant & Cafe', Jabal Amman. Featuring a live DJ. Along with a seated dinner, a seated beakfast, and an open bar. Ticket is 100JD. For more information please call: 0776055550

New Year's Party @ Al Hummar Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة في مطعم ومنتزه الحمر، الفحيص

With Singer Majdi Khoury & a live DJ for a wonderful New Years Celebration at Al Hummar Restaurant. Along with Appetizers, Dinner, Soft drinks. No cover charge on Alcohol & you can bring your own liquor. Many prizes included.

Kindly book your ticket before December 31st, No tickets at the door. Ticket price is 35 JD per person. Families and couples and groups only. For more information or for tickets please call: 0799199997

new year party at Al Hummar Restaurant
le royal multiple NYE events in amman

Festive Celebration @ Le Royal Hotel, Amman

Start your nre year in a Royale Style. Celebrate New Year's Eve enjoying a sumptuous meal at your favorite restaurant prepared specially for this occasion:

  • Chesters; JD55++ per person
  • Buddah Club; a DJ & a one man show for JD65++ p.p
  • Shahrayar ; a belly dancer, Oud & Tableh for JD60++ p.p
  • La Vista; with a pianist for JD45++ p.p

For more information please call La Royal Hotel at: 064603000

New Year Party @ Bellariva
حفلة رأس السنة في بيللاريفا

Celebrate New Year at Bellariva Restaurant & Pub, Fuheis. From 11:00pm until 3:00am. Featuring DJ Carlo. Party includes an open bar on Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka and Beer. Appetizers, Salad, Cheese Platters, and a main dish of chicken breast with grilled vegetables and French Fries.

Ticket is for only 65JD including Taxes.Kindly book ur ticket before 27.12.2012. Limited number of seats, Couples only. For tickets and more information please call: 064721214

bellariva 2013 new year eve party in fuheis
CONCERTo pub nye 2013 party

New Year Eve Party @ Concerto Restaurant & Club
حفلة رأس السنة في كونسيرتو

They New Year's Eve at Concetro Rest. & Pub, Abdoun will feature a live DJ, 3 courses dinner, open soft drinks, and 1 hard drink. You can bring ur own drinks as well. Ticket is 70JD.

For more info and reservations, please call on 0777777563

New Years Eve @ Sangria, Jabal Amman
حفلة رأس السنة في سنجاريا لاونج

Join us to celebrate the old and new family and friends with drinks and dancing along with Free Mix Dj. In a fabulous VIP New Year's Eve party at Sangria Restaurant & Lounge, Jabal Amman.

Let us dine and smile as we say goodbye to the old year and say "welcome" for the arrival of the year 2013. For tickets and reservations please call: 0797150555

Ding Dong new year party at sangria
toni qattan new year party 2012

Toni Qattan's New Year 2013 Party
حفلة رأس السنة مع طوني قطان في مطعم دير القمر

Toni Qattan & DJ Siefto @ Dier El Qamar Restaurant, Abdoun - Deir Ghabr.
Lebanese BBQ, Mazza, Soft drinks, Hard Liquor, Shisha.
For more information or for reservation please call: 065934666 or 0795781915

New Year's Party @ Baguette Restaurant & Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة مع طوني قطان في مطعم وكافيه باجيت

Celebrate New Year with Tony Qattan & DJ Siefto at Baguette Restaurant & Cafe, Abdoun. Ticket price is 40JD including dinner, 1 cold drink, 1 hot drink, Argeeleh, and dessert.

For reservation or more information please call: 0775909080

toni qattan in baguette cafe for new years eve
Best Western Grand Hotel New year party in Madaba

New Year Party @ Best Western Grand Hotel, Madaba

Come and Celebrate this special night at Best Western Grand Hotel Madaba and enjoy our mixes with the Singer Hasan Muhanna and DJ Mix!

Tickets are for 45JD including an open buffet dinner. Special packages tickets include accommodations & a brunch next day; Two class Tickets; 95JD for single room including the ticket & 160JD for double room including the tickets. For more information or reservation please call: 053240403, 0777440523

New Year's Party @ Golden Tulip
حفلة رأس السنة مع حسام الشامي والفنانة نور في الجولدن تيوليب

This New Year's Eve get ready for a night to remember. You have to start the New Year with an amazing atmosphere
Right here at Golden Tulip Airport Amman Hotel dance till you drop With the star Hussam AlShami & Featuring artist Noor for an extra ordinary belly dance show. And great DJ mixes

Ticket price: 45JD Inclusive (Including International Buffet). For reservation and tickets please call: 0795374436, 0799045837

new year party at golden tulip hotel
mohammad al fares new year party in amman

New Year's Party @ Zad Al Khair
حفلة رأس السنة مع محمد الفارس في مطعم زاد الخير

New Year's Eve Celebration with Mohamad Al Fares at Zad Al Khair, Um Uthaina. Families Only! For more information or for tickets pleaase call: 065540057, 065540058, 0796498881


New Year's Party @ Scenario Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة في سيناريو

Join us for a night to remember this News Year's Eve at Scenario Restaurant, Um Uthaina. Enjoy a lavish 4 course meal prepared by our renowned master chef for your culinary pleasure. Of course a New Year celebration would not be complete without entertainment; your beloved GuitaNai will be performing live a fusion of Latino/Arabic pop music.

Tickets are JD65 inclusive per person
For reservations, please call 065521822 – 0787200002

scenario new year party
janaien madaba 2013 new year party

New Year's Party @ Janaien Madaba Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة مع ايهاب مراد في جنائن مادبا

Celebrate Your New Year 2013 Party with The Super Star Ehab Murad & Percussion Fadi Twal at Jananien Madaba Restaurant. Rock Your Night with non Stop Dancing. Maza & Dinner. Bring Your own drinks with no extra charge.

Ticket price is 45JD. For more information, reservation, or to buy your ticket please call: 0795214148, 0777315715


New Year's Party @ Al Zuwwar Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة مع محمد قويدر في مطعم زوَار

Spot Events proudly present the Super Star Mohammad Qwaider in unforgettable New Year Eve. Party at Zuwar Restaurant & Venue. Featuring the outstanding DJ SAM.

For reservation or more information please call: 0797112526, 0776329030

mohammad qwaider new year party in amman
guitar new year eve at vivid cafe

Guitar Night New Year's Eve 2013 @ Vivid Cafe

The First New Year's Eve celebration at Vivid Restaurant & Cafe Lounge, King Abdullah Street. The amazing guitar players: Hashem AlQaryouti & Firas Al Jamal. Will be LIVE at vivid from 8:00 P.M till 12:00 A.M in the NY-Eve celebration 2013. Cover charge will apply at 5JDs

You can reserve your table by calling us on 0798848866

New Year's Party @ Quality Suites Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع وسيم الشعار في فندق كواليتي سويتس

الفنان وسيم الشعار في فندق كواليتي سويتس بالاضافة الى بوفيه عشاء مفتوح وDJ وذلك الساعة: 21.00 مساءاً. سعر التذكرة: 50.00 ديناراً للشخص الواحد. لمزيد من المعلومات والاستفسارات الرجاء الاتصال بنا على الرقم التالي: 065502550

Wassim Shaar & Dj Ali Bitar at Quality Suites Hotel. Ticket Price: 50JD (include's: Open Buffet, You Can Bring your Drink For Free (No Charge for Tax & Services)). For Reservation Plesae Call: 065502550

WASSIM AL SHA33AR new year eve party
mohammad ramadan new year party

New Year's Party @ JBC Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة مع محمد رمضان في الجي بي سي كافيه

إسهروا واحتفلوا ليلة رأس السنة مع النجم الاردني محمد رمضان في JBC شـارع المدينة المنورة. للحجز والاستفسار الاتصال على 0775444431, 065500010

Celebrate Your New Year 2013 Party with The Star Mohammad Ramadan @ JBC Cafe, Madina Monawara Street. For reservation or more information please call: 0775444431, 065500010

New Year's Party @ Sufra Restaurant
سهرة رأس السنة في مطعم سفره

Sufra New Year's Eve, featuring a live band & a set menu. Ticket is 50 JD. For more information please call: 064644227 or 064655998


sufra new year eve celebration in amman
282 restarant dinner for the 2013 new year

New Year's Party @ 282 Steak & Lounge
عشاء رأس السنة في 282 فندق المريديان

Start the 2013 new Year at 282 Steak & Lounge inside the Le Meridien Hotel, Shmeisani. Every 10 guests get one free entry for the 11th friend Endless Breakfast Promotion from early morning until 15:00 on Jan 1st, 2013. The below rates give you the opportunity to welcome the New Year' in an inspiring way:
- Dinner For 99JD Inclusive (Unlimited Local Alcoholic Drinks)
- Dinner For 59JD Inclusive (With Soft Drinks)
- 45JD Inclusive Per Person (Beverage Package Only)
- Le Meridien Special Room Rates: 99JD Inclusive With Breakfast At La Brasserie

For more information please call the hotel at: 065696511

New Year's Party @ Rihani Hall
حفلة رأس السنة مع صليبا حداد في قاعة الريجاني

As the New Year begins and the old one ends, lets get together with family and friends to enjoy our star Saliba Haddad together with DJ Waleed Arabesque at Ri7ani Hall, Al Maaref school street in Khaldas. Party starts at 9:30pm. Ticket is 30JD only and includes Mezza, Seated Dinner, soft drinks and many prizes. Free hard drink service. For more information or for tickets please call: 0779999968, 0795352538, 0798229955

Rihani Hall 2013 new year party
agave new year party 2013

New Year's Party @ AGAVE

Celebrate New Year's Eve in style at Agave Lounge & Restaurant, 3rd Circle, Jabal Amman. Enjoy the lovely atmosphere, fine dining and royal treatment that you always used to get at Agave.
Singer Waseem Al Sha'ar performing live & DJ Waseem Safouri.

Ring in the New Year with fun, dancing and Agave's delicious menu items: Cheese platters and cold cuts will be placed on tables upon arrival & 2 kinds of salads and 6 kinds of appetizers for every 4 people & 3 course dinner & Alcohol. Ticket Price : 90 JD. For more information please call: 0775633030, 064633030

New Year's Eve @ Buffalo Wings & Rings

Empty Chair band Live @ Buffalo Wings & Rings, Jabal Amman. Make sure you don't miss the brilliant performance on the stage live at your favorite restaurant and sports bar.

2012 was a great year for us, and we'd like you to join us in waving it goodbye Buffalo style! How you say? Well, aside from the usual good food, drinks, and amazing atmosphere, we'll have: A live performance by the brilliant Empty Chair, party goods, and a free champagne toast at midnight! Entry fee is 15JD. For more information call: 065850505

buffalo wings and rings new year eve
 new year party 2013 at o beach

New Year's 2013 @ O Beach, Dead Sea

This Party Is To Welcome The New Year With Such Joy Love And Happiness am Proud To Present One Of The Biggest Parties In The " O Beach" Dead Sea Come Dance Lose Your Mind With Two The Hottest DJ Anas And Moody And With The Star Of Arab Idol Ahmad Abasi And The Artist Mohammad Zain And The Holst Deaa Asha And Reham... With An Open Buffet Luxury.. And You Can Enjoy Swiming In A Closed Pool In All The Resort's Facilities. There Will Be Prizes - Competitions - And Many Of Surprises .. Transportation Are Available ( Free ). Ticket price JD 50 Only .. Fonder : Mwakeb Travel and Tourism. Sponsored : Mwakeb, New Line , Radio INBOX , O Beach ..

For Reservations And More Information :0797344993, 0799757556, 065814545

Year Eve Party @ Stay InHouse Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة مع محمد القاق في ان هاوس كافيه

New Year's Eve 2013 With The Star Mohammad Al-Qaq & DJ Mixes at Amman's Stay InHouse Cafe, Sweifieh.
This New Year's Eve Get Ready For A Night To Remember. Tickets:35 JOD's Including Dinner and Soft Drink. Couples and Mix Groups Only. For Reservation Call : 065853113 Or 0799992545.

حفلة راس السنه مع الفنان الاردني محمد القاق للحجز يرجى الاتصال على 065853113 Or 0799992545

MOHAMMAD qaq new year party
akram kan3an new year at zuwar restaurant

New Year's Party @ Zuwar & Venue Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة مع اكرم كنعان في زوَار

Spot Events proudly present the Lebanese Star AKRAM KANAAN for unforgettable New Year party and DJ SAM. Ticket is 60JD per person.
-Alcohol drinks are free of charge.
-Couples and family groups only.
-No tickets on door, tickets are available only at Spot Events office ( Located in Mecca Street, Al-Naimat Center Building #188).
-Last day for tickets on 29th of December,2012.

Don't miss out this awesome party! it gonna be a night to remember! For reservation or more information please call: 0797112526, 0776329030

New Year's Party @ Nas W Nas Cafe, Sweifieh
حفلة رأس السنة مع منتصر حبيب وتيم في ناس وناس كافيه

Stars Montaser Habeeb & Taim & DJ Waaaaaax will be at Cafe Nas w Nas, Sweifieh. For this 2013 New Year Party. Starting at 9:00pm until 4:00am. Lots of prizes & surprizes. Along with fancy dinner. For for information please call: 0797075007

منتصر حبيب وتيم ودي جي واااكس في مكعم وكافيه ناس وناس في الصويفية. جوائز ومسابقات عديدة .. هدايا قيمة والعديد العديد من المفاجات
عشاء فاخرللحجز والاستفسار 0797075007
*خصومات خاصة للمجموعات

nas w nas cafe new year party
copacabana NYE party in dabouq amman

New Year's Party @ Copacabana Brazilian Steak House
حفلة رأس السنة في كوباكبانا

Singer Osama Petro & the DJ Wesso at Copacabana Brazilian Steak House, Dabouq. 2013 New Year Eve at COPACABANA, Program starts at 9:00pm Buffet opens at 9:30pm, Lots of Surprizes awaits you.. All you can eat buffet and steak.. Ticket price is JD60 inclusive...

For reservations & Tickets; call 0776576000, 065412806

New Year's Party with Tawfiq Dalu @ Corp Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة مع توفيق الدلو في فندق كورب

حفل رأس السنة مع الفنان توفيق الدلو , في احدث فندق في عمان , كورب . مازات غلى الطاولات + العشاء بوفيه مفتوح للمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال على 0795556852

New Years Eve 2013 with the superstar Tawfiq Dalu at Amman's newest hotel, Corp Hotel Amman, in Jabal Amman opposite to Regency Hotel. Party Ticket price is 75JD and it includes;
- Superstar Tawfiq AL Dalu!
- DJ (Lumina events resident)
- 5 star Open Buffet
- Maza on tables.
- Free Corkage
- Free Soft drinks
- A lot of prizes and surprises !
For more info call 0795556852, or BBM Pin: 287F1D53

tawfeeq al dalu at corp hotel in amman NYE 2013
Lumiere cafe new years party

New Year Party @ Lumiere Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة في لوميير كافيه

We would like to invite you all for our New year eve party Featuring DJ TasH at Lumiere Cafe in Abdoun. Party Details: cover charge 30JD peer person ( special discount for groups 4+ ) cover charge includes dinner meal & a soft drink & a special gift for everyone. For reservation contact on the following numbers: 065925858 or 0799556553

حفلة رأس السنة هذه السنة مميزة جدا بفقراتها الرائعة وسنحرص على سعادتكم وستتضمن الحفلة: DJ Tash & الابراج للسنة الجديد مع المذيعة رانيا المبدعة كعادتها & الفنان الرائع صاحب الصوت الطربي رشاد حمدي & عشاء متميز من اشهى اطباق لومير & هدايا متنوعة لجميع الحظور وستسحب بشكل عشوائي حسب رقم التذكرة. ستكون هنالك مسابقة للحظور على الجوائز الكبيرة
للحجز والاستفسار يرجى التواصل معنا على الارقام التالية: 0795977555 - 0796551550 - 065925858 - 0799556553

New Year Party @ Zodiac Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة في زودياك كافيه

New Year's Eve at Zodiac Cafe, Madina Munawara Street - behind Abraj Alhijaz. A variety of delicios dishes in the menu: Caesar Salad or Rocca Salad, Grilled filet steak ot Grilled chicken (with lemon or mushroom). Soft drinks & tasty dessert. All of 16JD.
Adding more celebration to your night, there will be many games and prizes waiting for you. For reservation please call: 06551334, 0798822244

zodiac cafe new year party
Esagila Restaurant 2013 new year party

New Year Party @ Esagila Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة في مطعم إيزاجيلا

حفلة ليلة رأس السنة في مطعم إيزاجيلا، شارع المدينة المنورة
النجم العراقي --->> قاسم السلطان
النجمة العراقية -->> غـــــــزلان
الفنان المحبوب -->> سيمور جلال

لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال على: 0797322000 او 065536530

New Year's Party @ La Siesta Cafe, 7th Circle
حفلة رأس السنة مع في لا سيستا كافيه

سيتم اضافة التفاصيل حال توفرها
Details will be added when available,, soon!


la siesta cafe new year eve party in amman
new year eve party in black orchid cafe 2013

New Year Party @ Black Orchid Cafe & Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة في البلاك اوركيد كافيه

Wanna celebrate New Year's in a classy fun atmosphere??? Then join us at Black Orchid Cafe & Restaurant where the best DJ in town will be rocking the house playing all your favorite songs and please your senses with the Executive's Chef special New Year's of your choice of two menu's
Dinner Menu I: Soup, Salad, Appetizers and Dessert
Dinner Menu II: Soup, Salad, Main Course and Dessert

For reservations please call Aslan at: 065868631, 065868632, 0795262171, 0777458880

New Year's Party @ Vendome Hotel

ندعوكم وعائلاتكم لمشاركتنا في حفل العشاء الساهر والذي يقام في فندق فاندوم / الشميساني وذلك يوم الإثنين الموافق 31/12/2012 الساعة التاسعة مساء. يتضمن الحفل: DJ - عشاء بوفيه - جوائز
سعر البطاقة 24 دينار
خدمة المشروبات الروحية 5 دنانير للزجاجة. يرجى حجز التذاكر مسبقا لأن الأعداد محدودة. للإستفسار والحجز يرجى الإتصال مع الأرقام التالية
0795863074 – 0796628829 – 0798257921 - 0795760863

la vendome hotel new year party of 2013 in amman
on the rocks 2013 new year party

New Year's Party @ On The Rocks

Celebrate New Years Eve at On The Rocks, Sweifieh. Entrance Fees 20.00JOD (Including 1 Drink + DJ Live Performance!).
For more info contact 0775005009

New Year's Party Girl's only "With Shakshakeh"

It's our new party for Girls ! and girls only . It's a house party we will start at 6 Girl's Until after midnight
we have A DJ for your and this party it's going to be NEON party
we have special new year's gifts for you
a buffet and allot more surprise's
The ticket price will be for 15 jd's only
if you want to book your ticket
please call us at this number 07999448459 Ala'a mubarak

shakshakah new year party icon
al asayel new year party in amman

New Year's Party @ Alasayel Equestrian
حفلة رأس السنة غير في نادي الاصايل للفروسية

االكوميديان بكر الحراسيس و فرقتة , المطرب أحمد داوود , المطرب يونس السلطان والمايسترو الكبير إياد قطاطشة , مع عشاء بوفيه ستيكات + مقبلات
** سعر التذكرة 25 دينار
***حفلتنا بدون مشروبات كحولية نهائيا**

New Year's Party @ Josian Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة في جوزيان كافيه

حفلة راس السنة رح تكون مميزة في مطعم و كافيه جوزيان مع الفنان أمجد زيادات
للحجز و الاستفسار 0779860960 \ 0799860960

josian cafe new year 2013
comfy cafe new year party

New Year's Party @ Comfy Cafe
عشاء رأس السنة في كومفي كافيه

Amazing night with the star Ali Al Sheikh with live band @ Comfy Restaurant & Café, Abdoun. It will be amazing, ticket price is 25 JD and includes; soft drink & salad, main course grill chicken or sea food & desserts. For reservation pleas call: 0797383518, 0796223223

ليلة راس السنة في مطعم وكافيه كومفي يدعوكم لحضور سهرة فنية مع الفنان علي الشيخ. تبدأ الحفلة من الساعة الثامنة. سعر التذكرة 25 دينار. للحجز والاستفسار: 0796223223

New Year's Party @ Ward Restaurant
حفلة رأس السنة في مطعم ومجمع ورد

عشاء ليلة رأس السنة 2013 في مطعم ورد، شارع المدينة المنورة. قائمة طعام فاخرة، موسيقى مختارة، سعر التذكرة 30 دينار للشخص الواحد. للحجز والاستفسار: 065529100

ward new year dinner in amman 2013
Pastiche Cafe new year party

New Year's Party @ Pastiche Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة في بستاشي كافية

يقدم بستاشي كافية في ليلة رأس السنة أشهى المأكولات العالمية. أجواء عائلية مليئة بالمسابقات والجوائز القيمة. لمزيد من المعلومات وللحجز، يرجى الاتصال على: 065545828, 0799013446, 0797003889

New Year's Party @ Rotana Café Amman
حفلة رأس السنة في روتانا كافيه

ليلة رأس السنة السهره مع يوسف سيواطي و نانسي بيتروا في روتانا كافيه، جبل عمان. للحجز والاستفسار الاتصال على: 064641100

rotana cafe new year party in amman
jrumman tourist resort new year party in amman

New Year's Party @ Al Rumman Tourist Resort
ليلة رأس السنه في منتجع الرمان السياحي

سهرة رأس السنة مع امير الطرب الحلبي عامر العجمي في منتجع الرمان السياحي، على طريق جرش. سعر التذكرة 35دينار - غير شامل ضريبة المبيعات. للحجز والاستفسار: 0795801414 او 0799337990

New Year's Party @ Saharaa Cafe, Amman

Join The Star Ameed Abdalazeez & DJ Ahmad Barqawy at Saharaa Cafe, 7th Circle in Amman. We will have fun with our star, dont miss it. Party starts at 10:00pm. For more information call: 0796165649, 0795507643

يلا الكل يحكي لكل الي عنده بدنا الحفلة يتكون مولعة مع الستار عميد عبد العزيز, الحفلة رح تكون كتير حلوة خصوصا انه أنتو فها خلونا نولعها فيكم يا احلا ناس للحجز والاستفسااااار :0796165649 او 0795507643

sahraa new year party 2013
jafra cafe 2013 new year eve

New Year's Party @ Jafra Cafe, Down Town
ليلة رأس السنه في مقهى جفرا، وسط البلد

نستقبل رأس السنة في ليلة ساحرة مع غناء من التراث مع فرقة مقام بقيادة الفنانين هاني الدهشان وعلاء يوسف في مقهى جفرا، وسط البلد. يتضمن بوفيه مفتوح مع اشهى المأكولات والاطباق. سعر التذكرة 30دينار للشخص الواحد شامل ضريبة المبيعات. للحجز والاستفسار 064622552 او 064622551

New Year's Party @ Arabella Restaurant, Irbid
حفلة رأس السنة في مطاعم ارابيلا/ اربد

Nadeem Nour & Suhair Odeh for this New Year Party at Arabella Restaurant, Irbid. Along with MC Yaman Omari. From 10:00pm until 3:00am. For more information or reservation please call: 0797060014

الرمز للانتاج و التوزيع الفني تقدم ليلة رأس السنة حفل للفنان نديم نور و الفنانة سهير عودة في مطاعم ارابيلا/ اربد للحجز الاتصال على 0797060014

arabella in irbid new year party 2013
new year eve at bridge cafe in zarqa

New Year's Party @ Bridge Cafe, Zarqa
ليلة رأس السنه ببريدج كافيه، الزرقاء

برنامج ليلة راس السنة في بريدج كافيه ( خارج التغطية )
من الساعه 8:00 مساءا و لغاية 2:00 بعد منتصف الليل
1) ستاند اب كوميدي مع الفنان عبووود
2) امسية طربية مع فرقة وتر و الفنان ايمن
3) سكتشات مسرحيه فكاهية تقدمها مجموعة خارج التغطية
4) اضحك مع المسابقات و جوائز مجموعها يصل الى 5000 دينار اردني مقدمه من الرعاه الرسميين
5) سمعنا صوتك بفقرة الكاريوكي مع المايسترو ايمن
6) اربح اكتر البينجو مع سلمى
8) الكاونت داون مع اسرة بريدج كافيه و الدي جي
9) هديه لكل طفل , و جوائز عديده و قيمه للاهالي
10) وصلة طربية مع فرقة وتر
للحجز 0785323764

New Year's Party @ Ammari Hall, Irbid
حفلة رأس السنة في منطقة الحصن، اربد

Celebrate New Year with DJ Sas & Perc Issa Rihani at Ammari Hall, Al-Huson. Ticket price is 10JD (includes starters, snacks, soft drinks, and great gifts and prizes) Organized by Khawaja for events. Couples Only. For more information please call: 0777750573

new year party at ammari hall in irbid
per tutti cafe new year party

New Year Eve Party @ Per Tutti Cafe
حفلة رأس السنة غير في وكافيه بيرتوتي

Say Goodbye to 2012 and lets welcome the new year. come and join DJ Ayman Faouri at Per Tutti Coffeeshop. Ticket is 10JD & VIP Ticket is 20JD

For more information please call: 0785242423

حفل رأس السنة - القناطر ( الحصن ) 2013

تشرف قرية القناطر السياحية بدعوتكم لحضور حفلة رأس السنة 2013 الساعة 9:00 مع نخبة من الفنانين الاردنين: الفنان منتصر حبيب - الفنان احمد إسكندر - الفنانة ماريتا مجدي.
أضافة الى DJ Zaid & Dj FAkher
الحفل خاص للعائلات فقط.

سعر البطاقة : 30 دينار فقط شامل :- عشاء فاخر و مقبلات لينانية و هدايا و جوائز. للحجز و الاستفسار: 0795574677 او 0796559899 او 027010658

qanater new year party 2013
new year party at wink cafe in zarqa

New Year Eve Party @ Wink Cafe, Zarqa
حفلة رأس السنة في وينك كافيه، الزرقاء

ليلة رأس السنة الميلادية في وينك كوفي شوب، الزرقاء الجديدة - شرارع الكرامة مار يوسف. يستمر الحفل من الساعة الثامنة مساء وحتى بعد منتصف الليل. ونقدم لكم البرنامج التالي
اعضاء باب الحارة الدمشقية
بداية الحفل مع الفرقة السورية - العراضة السورية
سيحيي الحفل المطرب السوري فراس الجزائري وفرقته الموسيقية
الفرقة اللبنانية - الدبكة اللبنانية
الفنان الكوميدي عبود
الحزازير والجوائز
للحجز والاستفسار: 0795700090 او 0785965826

حفل رأس السنة - على متن أفضل سفينة سياحية في العقبة

حفلة رأس السنة على متن أفضل سفينة سياحية في العقبة في تمام الساعة التاسعة مساء ولمدة خمس ساعات من المتعة والترفية في وسط البحر الاحمر. يتضمن الحفل فقرات العاب نارية والعاب ترفيهية مسابقات ومفاجأت وجوائز قيمة برفقة اشهر دي جي بالمملكة بأضافة الى عشاء الحفل باربكيوا في وسط البحر ( 1 سمك . 1 دجاج , 1 كباب , 1 شقف ) وبوفية فاخر من السلطات المتنوعة مع مشروبات غازية عصير. الحفل للعائلات فقط ويمنع منعا باتا دخول الشباب بمفردهم وان كانو يملكون تذاكر
سعر التذكرة للشخص الواحد 18 دينار شامل الحفل وجميع الضرائب والخدمات. المواصلات للشخص الواحد: اليوم الواحد ويكون الانطلاق من عمان الساعة 3 عصرا والعودة الى عمان بعد انتهاء الحفل 10 دنانير. يومين وليلة مواصلات فقط 14 دينار الانطلاق الساعة 3 عصرا والعودة في اليوم الثاني مساءا 15 دينار
للمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الأتصال على الرقم 0796760071

cruise ship in aqaba new year eve
zaitona new year eve 2013

Year Eve Party @ Zaitona Restaurant
رأس السنة في مطعم زيتونة

ليلة رأس السنة في مطعم زيتونة شارع مكة. لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى الاتصال على: 065540454

New Year Eve Party @ Jerusalem Int Hotel
حفلة رأس السنة في فندق القدس

حفل رأس السنة في فندق القدس، الأردن. وسهرة مع الفنان محمد قنديل والفنانتين كاتيا فرح و ريم. رسم الحجز 10 دنانير على الشخص الواحد. للحجز والاستفسار: 065151121

al quds hotel new year eve party
circle 3 resto and lounge new year party 2013

New Years Eve @ Circle 3 Restro-Lounge

More information will be added soon!

New year party @ Berto Restaurant & Cafe

Join us in the New Year Eve at Berto Restaurant & Cafe, Um Uthaina. offers you an evening with singer Loay al7osary and musician Habib With distinctive luxury dinners and entertaining activities.

For reservations and more information please call: 065549552, 0797536537

new year at 04 restaurant and cafe in amman

New Years Eve @ 04 Restaurant & Cafe

New Year's is almost here and we are celebrating. Come party the night away as we celebrate at the 04 Restaurant & Cafe, After Kilo Circle to Um-Uthaina. With Mohammad Al Kharoof hosting the night & DJ Ramzi mixing the light. Games, competitions & prizes all that & more at 04 NYE celebration!

For reservation please call: 065561002

Happy New Year 2013 @ ALCATRAZ Cafe

حفلتنا لرأس السنه رح تكون كتييير مميزه .. مع أقوى برنامج فني في الأردن ... النجم الأردني محمود سلطان و الفنان الرائع ايهاب عيسى و نجمنا الشاب محمد الحوري. و ما تنسوا احلى و أقوى المفاجآت الي عم تستناكم بالكاتراز كافيه ... و أكيد ما رح ننساكم بأفخم بوفيه عشاء مفتوح ( 5 نجوم ) و حلويات و و و .... و كل هاد عملناه لحتى تعيش هاللحظات الحلوه و الي رح تضل من أجمل ذكرياتنا و حتعيش فينا على طول. العدد محدود ... للعائلات فقط فقط ..... و الحجز مسبقا

alcatraz cafe new year eve party details
cleopatra cafe new year eve party 2013

New Years Eve @ Cleopatra Cafe & Restaurant
سهرة راس السنة في كليوبترا كافيه

سهرة ليلة رأس السنة في كافيه كليوبترا، الرابية - خلف مطعم الكلحة. دي جي، موسيقى، طرب، وجبة عشاء فاخر مع سوفت درينك، مسابقات وجوائز، قعدات عائلية، وسهرات شبابية. السعر 20 دينار للشخص الواحد
للحجز 065539330, 0799733844, 0799988320

New year party @ Westlife Cafe

New Year Eve With The Stars Taim & Maher Al-Damen at the Westlife Cafe. Ticket Price 50 JD (Include Open Buffet). Party starts at 10:00pm.

For reservation or more informsation please contact 0799999208

westlife new year party 2013
new years eve at ratchi restaurant

New Years Eve @ Ratchi Restaurant
سهرة راس السنة في مطعم راتشي

مطعم راتشي يدعوكم لقضاء سهرة رأس السنة في أجواء هادئة ومميزة
عشاء ليلة راس السنة
قائمة طعام مميزة
موسيقى وأغاني مختارة

للحجز والأستفسار 064645550 أو 0799100020

New Year's Eve @ Angham Restaurant & Cafe

Enjoy the New Year Eve at Angham Restaurant & Cafe' with our special Offer. May the New Year Bring Happiness and blessing for you and your beloved one. Ticket is only 19JD. Includes Appetizers, Fajita main course, soft drink, dessert, and argeeleh.

For Reservation Please Call : 0797750666

angham restaurant and cafe new year eve 2013

newyear parties in Amman
December 31st, 2012
Want to Celebrate and welcome the New Year "THE RIGHT WAY"?
حفلات رأس السنة في الأردن تشمل البحر الميت والعقبة كما عمان!! نتمنى لكم سنة جديده مليئة بالسعادة

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